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It's a familiar position for Arkansas' top Republicans, who are walking a fine line by condemning Trump's remarks but not backing down from their endorsement of the party's nominee. There's no sign the stance will hurt Boozman or other Republicans in the Nov. 8 election, with Trump

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widely expected to win the state's six electoral votes. But the questions for the state's GOP officials over supporting such a controversial candidate are likely to linger. Trump loomed over the debates Boozman and the state's four Republican U.S. House members participated in last week, with each being asked how they can condemn Trump's offensive comments while simultaneously making the case that he should be the leader of the free world. Boozman didn't shy away from his criticism of Trump, but said his concerns about the billionaire don't override his belief that a Republican ticket would ensure a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. "I think we're in a situation where we have two very flawed candidates," said Boozman, who cited problems he sees with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton including her use of a private email server as secretary of state. Trump's comments have offered a very narrow opening for Democratic challenger Conner Eldridge, who has trailed Boozman in fundraising and name recognition.

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"I don't have family here - just me," he tells me. "I have family in the UK. Just help me to go to England." Cricket in the filth Hasan is young for the Jungle - most children here are older teenagers - but some are younger still. Bilal is just 11 and comes from Afghanistan. His skill with bat and ball makes him a prized player in the informal cricket matches which take place just outside the main camp once the clouds of tear gas have cleared. The scene could be a village cricket match anywhere in South Asia, but look around and the razorwire fences; the filthy, leaking shacks; and the piles of human waste tell a different story. This is no place for anyone to live, let alone a child. There is no doubt the Jungle is an unsafe place for anybody, especially children. Because it is an unofficial camp, there is no central organising authority and, aside from the odd raid, no police presence to keep order or report crime to. A recent Red Cross report highlighted dangers to children in the camp including sexual exploitation, forced labour, trafficking gangs and smugglers.

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